Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Musings on Tamil Songs/Movies - 3

A convicted killer on death-row is allowed to get out of jail and get married before his execution --- the mind boggles--- wait there’s more --- only it turns out that his bride wants to kill him personally (she couldn’t wait for the Electric Chair) on their wedding night!. Why? Apparently to avenge her brother’s death. Has a collection of some nice songs though…

Another of those soulful singer Mohan’s movies – this one is where he never gets to see Amla’s face – (love is blind aint it?). What the… This song shot in the heydays of Ooty …I think someone should go back to Ooty and make a film there – it would look nice and fresh after the overkill of all those foreign locales.

There is this scene in Vetham Puthithu – when Satyaraj glimpses Amla hiding in the temple and to “protect” her falls at the feet of the villagers begging them to forgive his son for trespassing – try as I might I couldn’t succeed in explaining to a “coconut” brained character the cultural and aesthetic sensitivities of the scene…similarly with “Mudhal Mariyadai”…though Ms. Coconut fell for the traditional folksy thingy song…but wouldn’t admit it in a million years.

Another favorite Satyaraj moment is from “Kadalora Kavitahigal” when he goes through the motions of rinsing his mouth/ washing face with a pot of water – only the pot is empty and his mother looks aghast… I don't really like song - but was considered the best song
from the movie.

My best song from Nayakan – in Nee Oru Kaadhal Sangeetham especially where the pigeons come into the house seeking shelter from the rain outside… and what a voice SPB at his best.

Another must listen of SPB is from Nizhalgal - Ithu Oru Pon Malai.. Even Nizhalgal Ravi's dodgy acting doesn't detract from the melody - better than anything Rahman has composed except perhaps Roja's - Chinna Chinna Asai and Puthu Vezhai Malai.

...and before Shankar Mahadevan's Breathless there was SPB with Mannil intha kaathal from Kelladi Kanmani and here's SPB singing that song live.


  1. I love the Nayagan song of my many IR favourites :)

    Enjoyed reading your blog!

  2. Thanks Achala.

    Your blog is enjoyable too!