Thursday, September 6, 2012


So another one has gone by...

In my mind will forever be etched "Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil"  and the 1/100th of a second miss.

But it seems to me - if way back in 1984 without all these hi-tech advancements in sports, the training, the scientific fitness and nutrition regimes - if Usha could make it to the finals and almost get there - why hasn't it happened subsequently for other Indian athletes?   I'm talking specific about track and field - not other sports.

It was my mom's maid Laxmi who got me thinking when excitedly over the phone she wanted to know if "Junior Amma" was watching the actual  "Wohlumpix"  in person - not realizing that London is on an entirely different continent altogether!  

Shyam did you go to any of the events?

The 1928 Olympic 110-meter hurdles
                                                Well, Laxmi - live TV is the next best thing eh?