Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nostalgia - revisited

Have always liked this song - as mentioned in one of my very old posts - reminds me of Shakespeare's "Shall I Compare thee..."

It's a pity Karan Johar gave up his "candy-floss" style and tried to make "grown-up" movies with themes and plots from old Hollywood flicks. Catch the sheer creativity and originality in this one:

This song is sheer poetry -

Back to Shah Rukh for this one:

...and though I don't really like Mrs. Rai Bachan - can't help liking this song:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mrs. 'arris

Anyone remember Paul Gallico of "The Show Goose" - and the original "Poseidon Adventure"?

I was just recollecting Gallico's story of a London charwoman who saves up money and goes all the way to Paris to buy a dress from Dior. The book was called "Flowers for Mrs. Harris." I think subsequently there were a few other Mrs. Harris novels. (Yes, I know I can look it up...but...)

I recollect Gallico's zany style of writing in particular his "First string of unprintable words" and a few pages later "Second string of unprintable words". Then I think there was a Chauffeur who cannot identify the source of a rattling noise despite taking the car apart - and Mrs. Harris stumbles on the solution - a dropped hairpin or aspirin tablets.

If I get that book - maybe its a good time to read it all over again and catch out on what I would have missed when I was a kid:-)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who woulda think...

After the debacle of the infamous Jerry Seinfeld commercial - I was pleasantly surprised to come across these little gems from Microsoft...