Sunday, August 29, 2010

Recollections of a Sunday Afternoon - a Long Time Ago

One Sunday afternoon - we gathered around the TV to watch "Sindhu Bhairavi". It's about a carnatic musician. (As usual I refer you to the indomitable Uttara for a deeper insight into carnatic music).

One of my uncles - the King of Kuchbinahi - ha therein lies a story so let me explain that before I continue. When I was in Kindergarten that uncle of mine solemnly told me that he was actually a King in disguise and I was never ever to reveal that secret. Naive little me swallowed hook-line-and-sinker and was told that the said Uncle's Kingdom was Kuch-Bhi-Nahin - that for my non-Hindi speaking readers means nothing, nada, zilch!!

Anyway my dear uncle began grumbling about how Carnatic music was meant for a certain mood and time and could not be enjoyed like pop-music when co-incidentally the very same thing began happening in the movie...

(Notes for V, R and S (and others who may not have understood) - A famous carnatic singer sings a pure classical song when the lady (actress by name of Suhasini) - dares to ask him something on the lines of why he cannot introduce popular songs interspersed with classical songs too - and also why not explain the classical songs. This argument ends up in the singer asking Suhasini to demo by singing - which she does - and therein validates all points in her argument that "regular" songs also have a raaga, thalam etc.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Twist in the Tale

Haven't seen it - but I've heard that "Sixth Sense" has a perfect, elegant and most important - a satisfying twist in the tale.

Now coming to "Memento" - the movie was presented in a unique style - that was also quite fine - but leaves you feeling a wee bit disconnected - you are not sure that the conclusion is right and I don't like that.

And Nolan's recent "Inception" - there was no need for that kind of ending. I don't want to add spoilers here - but you will know what I mean if you have seen the movie.

Last but not the least, while I can easily forgive Memento and Inception - simply because of the brilliant concepts they present I cannot say the same of "Duplicity" . In the end the one who is duped is the viewer. It seemed to be a case of the director trying to be too clever - and Julia Roberts (for all her so-called charm) irritated me to the core as did Clive Owen who seemed to think his role in there was to just look smug. A pity that for he was quite good in "Inside Man".

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Raise your hands all of ye who...

Hate drinking refrigerated water

I absolutely hate drinking icy cold water even on the hottest summer day. I like the water to be at room temperature. Especially when you are thirsty and like to go, "Glug, Glug, Glug!".

Hate Static Shocks

I can bear the freezing cold, the slippery sidewalks and the mounds of snow that need to be shovelled in winter. What I cannot abide are the static shocks. Does anyone know of a remedy for this?

Hate people bragging about when they got a "first rank" in College/School etc.

I know a lady who is close to sixty. Now I am not being discriminatory here - one day I too will reach that age and I only hope that I will be as spry and smart as her. But what put me off was her bragging about how when she was in school she did soooooo well at math that she was one of the five in a hundred that got selected to pursue Computer programming. Do you even remember your grades in School/College?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's all in the presentation...

Which movie did you find more sickening "Silence of the Lambs" or "Mystic River"?

On the surface - "Silence" is about a totally deranged psycopath who is also a cannibal and there is another equally depraved psycho thrown into the mix.

"Mystic" on the other hand (Oscar winner) is an ordinary story of people whose lives go awry owing to a number of circumstances.

Mind you I haven't seen "Silence" - except in random snatches when channel browising - but I have seen enough to piece the story together.

In my opinion "Mystic" is the movie that makes you feel sick and makes you want to rush to the shower - I was never able to like Sean Penn after that movie.

It's like when you see violence in a James Bond movie - it doesn't really register - but in some other instances - the violence is presented in such a gory way - that you'll think about it long after.

What's your take on this?