Sunday, November 2, 2014

One more Hindi Movie or should I say one and a half?

Dedh Ishqiya (dedh = one and a half).

While it's a clever move naming a sequel as one and a half the original -  one can't help wondering if it's just meant to be a filler for the actual sequel.

The first movie "Ishqiya" was an original, witty movie that has a raw rustic setting, a refreshing change from the over glamorized foreign locales that have been unceasingly thrust upon us.  The plot was original and I daresay the dialogues must have been witty too - given my not so great knowledge of Hindi, I probably wouldn't have caught the puns etc.

"Dedh Ishqiya", unfortunately is so afraid to stray off the Ishqiya path - its like everything is repeated over again, with a new supporting cast of characters. Madhuri does look lovely and gives an admirable and restrained performance.  I am not a big fan of Nasseruddin Shah - I think his acting in "The Dirty Picture" spoilt the little bit of reverence I had for his acting.  And in this movie I just wanted to throw something at the screen when ever he appeared.

The worst part of the movie was Madhuri trying to say "Iftekar" much to endearingly and Shah wallowing in it.

The one scene I did enjoy was when Huma sets out in search of a Salim, face hidden by a veil.  "I'm looking for Salim", says she.

"And who are you?"


But all in all I would be happy to rename this on "Dead Ishqiya"!

Some of the songs are lovely though...