Monday, September 26, 2011

Then and Now

Okay - before we start: Just when you thought it was safe to get into the H2O...when guess what - dear Brad (is the) Pitt(s) has a movie coming out and what do you know all the gossip rags are full of Jen-Angie-Brad. From "She threatened to pull my nose" to "She withheld my Botox shots"...

Okay forget about that lot.

Now let's have a look at some nice images shall we? (Click for larger view)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Horror Movies ...(shudder)

Me and horror movies/books like to keep a good distance - like the distance between the moon and earth.

I remember being very very brave and reading "Omen" - of course yours truly couldn't get through the night despite the night light and the fact my parents room was next door.

Then some years later I saw "Evil Dead". I know in retrospect that movie is more of a slasher flick than a truly creepy horror movie - but at that time - it really scared me to the core. At night I couldn't even get to open the closet door.

(Author must mention she was well below 15 when aforementioned took place.

Then some years later - I was married with a home of my own to run and manage when the dear husb went away on a business trip. I was watching some inane Tamil channel and sure enough appears a Poojari (priest) about to invoke a ghost or some such thing. I am desperately hunting for the remote with eyes glued to the TV Screen - my brain so frozen that it does not occur to me to A) Close my eyes or B) Walk up to the TV and turn it off.

Several years later now a mother and all I sit with my kid trying to appear nonchalant as we watch The Mummy. Someone above must really like me - it was so ludicrous and full of laughs - and Mamma manages to pull off a petard.

But dear folks there is no way that you will get me to watch The Ring or Paranormal Activity and the like.

What about you all - are you brave or cowardly like me?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Faking Honesty

I'm talking about the honest "moments of truth" from our dear celebrities.

When the one who still-can't-get-over-her-divorce 'friend'ly girl-next-door turned 40, she announced on one of the shows that she was freaked out to see a gray hair. Really my dear? You bleach, color, perm and do all manner of acrobatics with you hair and you think its "cool" to admit to graying hair???

Then our Oscar winnah was gushing about how swimming in the waters of a certain lake-river-creek-whatever - must have enabled her sterile self to get pregnant and she was soooooooooo surprised and never expected it blah blah. Come a couple of years later madam has another baby through surrogate!!!

And in our own Bolly land - supposedly the world's most beautiful was allegedly raving over S Mani Ratnam's gorgeous locks and apparently demanded to know the secret oil blend that the latter used. The latter labelled the former a a very simple and down to earth girl. Yeah right.

I'm sure you dear readers have lotsa more juicy tidbits ...errr...truths to talk about dontcha???

Epitaph: Here lies the truth:-)