Monday, September 5, 2011

Faking Honesty

I'm talking about the honest "moments of truth" from our dear celebrities.

When the one who still-can't-get-over-her-divorce 'friend'ly girl-next-door turned 40, she announced on one of the shows that she was freaked out to see a gray hair. Really my dear? You bleach, color, perm and do all manner of acrobatics with you hair and you think its "cool" to admit to graying hair???

Then our Oscar winnah was gushing about how swimming in the waters of a certain lake-river-creek-whatever - must have enabled her sterile self to get pregnant and she was soooooooooo surprised and never expected it blah blah. Come a couple of years later madam has another baby through surrogate!!!

And in our own Bolly land - supposedly the world's most beautiful was allegedly raving over S Mani Ratnam's gorgeous locks and apparently demanded to know the secret oil blend that the latter used. The latter labelled the former a a very simple and down to earth girl. Yeah right.

I'm sure you dear readers have lotsa more juicy tidbits ...errr...truths to talk about dontcha???

Epitaph: Here lies the truth:-)


  1. Practically EVERY female movie star/celebrity claims to love food and eat like food's going out of fashion. They never diet, they exercise hardly ever, but stay thin because of their "amazing metabolism". Yeah, right... While I can't stand Liz Hurley, I kinda sorta respect her because she's said quite honestly that she goes to bed still hungry, every single day. And that's why she's got her killer figure.

  2. Shyam - have you heard of this awesome diet - you eat a lettuce leaf one day and a spinach leaf the next day ---oh! wait maybe its the other way around...

  3. Madeline - You should write a limerick about it:-)