Monday, October 20, 2014

Three Hindi Movies

So I have been watching some Hindi movies.  Now all of these were released quite a while ago - so I don't really need to add the disclaimer about spoilers not that there are any...


First off - the title song is really enjoyable and I love the subtle use of the word "Raanjhanaa" in it.

I was always under the impression that Dhanush couldn't act and was riding on father-in-law Rajnikath's fame.  I was pleasantly disabused by this movie.  I enjoyed his restrained acting even through some of the silly  melodramatic scenes.  And his forcibly dragging Sonam to get her reunited with Abhay smacks so much of "Hum Dil De Chuke"... It's a funny kind of movie - there's too much of a mix of themes and plots so it doesn't end up being wholly satisfactory...

Dhoom 3 

"Dhoom" has been firmly associated with the heist movie genre.  We go with a specific mind-set expecting some clever capers, fun getaways and absurd dialogues. When you veer off the standard formula - you do get disappointed in not seeing how the jobs were pulled off.

Katrina has absolutely no empathy with the audience and that totally spoils a movie.  Very much like Aishwarya Rai.  Look at Shah Rukh Khan - most of the time he is hamming - but the rapport he establishes with the audience - that's what made him a star...

And then Aamir Khan - I somehow find his carefully contrived re-invention a little too artificial for my liking.  So when you get Mr. Take-me-seriously essay a light hearted role- it doesn't quite sit well. Ironically though, the whole movie rests on Aamir's shoulders and if it weren't for his decent acting it would have been Doom 3.


"English Vinglish" in a new bottle.

Insecure heroine - check
Lacks fluency in English - check
Travels alone abroad - check
Handsome foreigner recognizes her innate goodness - check
"Finds herself" and ends up being a stronger character - check

However, that being said - its an enjoyable feel-good movie. Some of the scenes were really original and fantastic - like Vijaylaxmi yelling out of the balcony, Rani's do it for India "lip-to-lip" kiss, the scene in the hostel with her undergarment... There were some totally ridiculous scenes too - the one with the lizard for instance and the one in the sex shop - come on - don't resort to juvenile humor...