Friday, January 27, 2012

Eerie Muffs and Scary Safety Videos

Why do all the people in Bangalore (I refuse to call it Bengaluru) seem to have developed a fetish for ear-muffs. Poorly designed, bad quality, army print ear muffs. From my mom's Gardner, to the maamis on their morning walks (sarees, hideous maroon cardigans, nikes or reeboks (no doubt handed down from the "foreign residing" daughter) and the omniscient ear-muffs); to the little boys down the lane. On the little boys, the muffs seem to be over-sized and they end up hanging lop-sided!

Okay, even given that to us from the land of minus, we didn't find Bangalore particularly cold - we still found the muffs hilarious. Of course our souvenir shopping didn't include these objects, though I was tempted to get a set as a memoir to the holiday.

Another thing that had us in hysterics was the Safety Video on the plane. The animation on the demo was priceless. The guy's expression was too ridiculous to behold - and I guess the general holiday spirits added to the silly state we were in.

(Poor kid will die from fright not asphyxiation!)