Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Is it a bird...is it a plane...

Superman of 1978 was magic for me.  I remember being so mad at my Dad for dismissing it as an okay entertainer.  Well now of course I'd agree with him.  But that childhood magic stayed with me for a long time.

The rest of the series Superman 2,3 and 4 just kept going from bad to worse to atrocious.

When "Superman Returns" released I got so mad (again) that I couldn't see it on the big screen - for reasons I don't remember now. Later when I got to see it on DVD I had no regrets.  The only nice thing about this one was that at least Margot Kidder didn't look like an old hag.

Then along came "Man of Steel".  What can I say about it - the man part of it was super - but the super part of it was like a sledgehammer being thrown at your head. And WHY did they have to go back to Superman 2 for the plot - just to show how that ought to have been made?  Gah!  Kevin Costner was good - but Russel Crowe - he ought to have been put in the Phantom zone.

But I really loved the ending - that was super!