Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Raise your hands all of ye who...

Hate drinking refrigerated water

I absolutely hate drinking icy cold water even on the hottest summer day. I like the water to be at room temperature. Especially when you are thirsty and like to go, "Glug, Glug, Glug!".

Hate Static Shocks

I can bear the freezing cold, the slippery sidewalks and the mounds of snow that need to be shovelled in winter. What I cannot abide are the static shocks. Does anyone know of a remedy for this?

Hate people bragging about when they got a "first rank" in College/School etc.

I know a lady who is close to sixty. Now I am not being discriminatory here - one day I too will reach that age and I only hope that I will be as spry and smart as her. But what put me off was her bragging about how when she was in school she did soooooo well at math that she was one of the five in a hundred that got selected to pursue Computer programming. Do you even remember your grades in School/College?


  1. the bragging gets my goat. it gets worse, specially when it's the parent blowing the horn on how their child aced the boards a decade or so ago. aargh!

  2. Yep - if the achievement is current and something worth bragging about - then that's fine but otherwise aaaaaaaaaaarghh it is!

  3. Um... only in the subjects I was bad at - which was all of them except English :D

  4. I just noticed No 1 on your list, Anu... I'm horrified beyond words. How can you NOT like cold water to drink - esply when it's boiling hot outside? I could drink a gallon of room-temp water and my thirst wouldnt be quenched in that situation! I need cold water - not just-melted-icy-cold, but definitely cold.

  5. Shyam - guess where the phrase "it takes all sorts" originated from :-)