Thursday, March 4, 2010

Devil in the Details

Which one was better - the book or the movie??

I preferred the movie. In the book Andrea comes across as a whining self-absorbed loser. In the movie she is smart and resourceful and (so-what's-wrong-with-that) wants to get ahead in life. She does not sell her soul for a pair of Jimmy Choos as implied!

And if you thought Miranda's demands were unreasonable - well I once knew a very rich man who had his staff doing the craziest things for him...

*Key in all my telephone contacts into my car phone
*Scan all my family photo albums and put them on DVDs
*Make sure I get Cranberry juice and my vitamins every morning get the picture...

One thing though I found Nigel's (Stanley Tucci)clothes to be totally wrong - I mean the man is in the fashion industry and he dresses like a 1950s solicitor???

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