Monday, March 29, 2010

Before Facebook...

I lost touch with my closest childhood friend. We grew up in a rather lonely place and only had each other for company.

I moved and for a while we wrote sporadically to each other and managed to meet once in India just before she left for France. Then I moved out of India and that was that.

Years later one boring afternoon just for fun I googled her name - and came across a website that featured a newsletter from the town she was living in. She is an artist and there was write-up on her exhibition.

I emailed the editor with the long story about how we knew each other and the man was kind enough to send me her address (the postal kind). I promptly wrote to her (I confess I used the PC to type out the letter) and a week letter found her email in my Inbox. We caught up on the missing years, exchanged news on friends and family, and have promised to meet up some time.

I am now trying to track 2 other classmates - no luck as yet - they are not on Facebook either!

Have you visited this site - pioneered by the red paper clip guy. I had the good fortune of meeting Kyle and he was kind enough to go out after his talk to the nearest bookstore - buy copies of his books - autograph and hand them over to the people who had requested for them!

You don't get many people like that!

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