Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Afternoon Gnap or How to Steal 40 Winks at the Workplace

The "Gnap" part is from "God of Small Things" - an no, I am not a fan and I did not like that book.

Well – not all of us folks is lucky to have a cabana a la George in Seinfeld where we can happily retire to our little nap boxes...when we want to grab the good old shut-eye.

Hmmm…then again here are some creative ways to sneak in some naps.

Method Uno

Rub some chilli powder/ pepper powder into one and only one eye. (ouch – no pain no gain remember). Ensure that your bloodshot-eye is visible to boss and snitches (hence the one-eye – 2 such eyes have a high probability of being misconstrued as the effect of an over-indulgence of C2H5OH).

So when you are ready for the 40 – display an eye-drop bottle prominently – as in the first object visible in your cube – and then take the classic eye-drops to be administered pose…and do your zzzz thing.

Method Alternato

Pull out as many wires you can from behind your PC. Drop down under your desk to fix your sleep.

Method Trios

Record sounds of furious keyboard clacketting, record screen of zillions of lines of code being typed, replay the lot, while your slumbering self is draped artistically in corner of chair with baseball cap donned to obscure closed eyezz…


Thou shouldst NOT snore.

Sweet dreams…

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  1. Ha....thou shant snore, how do we know? Set your phone to record yourself?!