Monday, May 31, 2010

Hackneyed --- but so what?

"Monsoon Wedding" was a delightful movie - despite its expected plot and theme. I wonder why Vasundara Das gave up acting - she really had potential. Loved the way the songs were used. Enjoy these two... which songs did you like? What's your take on the movie?

The Original:

In the movie:

And one of those delightful old numbers:


  1. Although I don't understand Hindi(!!) I think I liked the way the song was used in Monsoon wedding (the situation makes more sense..dancing to a bollywood number at a wedding!)...MW is one of my favourite movies of all time...vibrant, the acting superb, the kind of movie that will leave you with a happy glow when you walk out of the theatre.

    It's been years since I watched it first, don't remember the scenes well enough...maybe it's time to watch it again!

  2. Yep - it's the kind of movie you can watch again and enjoy.