Saturday, May 22, 2010


"Chit Chor" was such a pleasant movie and its songs continue to be evergreen favorites. Zarina Wahab, Amol Palekar and Vijayendra Ghatge threw in such delightful performances - Zarina Wahab was reminiscent of Jaya Bahdhuri (does anyone know if she deliberately copied her style?) Ofcourse Yesudas's singing had a tinge of the non-Hindi accent - but the melody more than made up for that.

Now for the "aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrghhh" part - I was given a movie "My Pyaar Ka Deewani Hoon" - starring Hrithik, Kareena and Abishek. Yes, people a parody of "Chit Chor" -it would be too demeaning to call it a "remake". As such I don't much care for dear Kareena - but even given this bias - I could find nothing to applaud. Then I thought atleast Hrithik would be the saving grace - but with the talking parrot that "reels" off names of movies and the quasi-animated dog...and not to mention the mother's demo on how to smile and simper...I just about managed to keep from barfing.

Couldn't watch it through till the end... What's your take on this one (if you managed to watch it?)

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