Thursday, May 20, 2010 all ye impatient drivers wanting to turn right...

I maybe deaf - but I aint blind. I can see cars approaching from the opposite side. I prefer to wait till they pass because I haven't yet quite learnt the 007 methods of maneuvering the car at high speeds. What's your hurry anyway that you can't wait at the most 2-3 minutes?

Also to drivers tailing my car doing a 65 in a 50 zone. Too bad I am not changing my lane. I do sound like a pious goody two shoes sticking to speed limits don't I? Like I said - too bad - I aint experimenting!

Aside: Yep people I am partially deaf --- and for anyone who is hard of hearing - I urge you to get tested and if it works for you get fitted with hearing aids - they are worth it.

(My mom was nagging the husb to get me a pair of solitaires - husb winked and said he'd gotten me something more expensive! LOL)


  1. hehe...I know how annoying that gets because I'm quite slow too! In India I notice they simply honk, curse and overtake.

    and the hearing, it feels nice to know someone who is not in denial and who actually encourages others to get tested. you are one awesome person!

    p.s: thanks for the blogroll and the comment works fine now!

  2. Thanks "Achala" - nice to be called awesome - but you know there are people out there with real disabilities - so my case pales in comparison.

    But you know what in India there is so much of stigma associated with being deaf - it was only when I was out of India that I was able to identify -yes there is a problem and here's what I can do about it.

    So please "promote" this cause - now a days hearing aids are "invisible" - one can't really tell if someone is wearing them.


    P.S. You have a great blog - so the pleasure is all mine to blogroll you:-)