Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hands up all ye who find badly streaked hair totally annoying.

I am not talking about folks with gorgeous natural looking highlights - nor about the casual highlights that liven dull looking hair.

I am specifically referring to certain desis who seem to believe that having unnatural, ugly, blonde streaks make them look Caucasian! Hello. Oh! Let's not forget that artificial, twangy, horrible put-on accent too.

Did you honestly think you would get away with this "disguise?"


  1. Bad highlights I can put up with - but bad false accents stretch my patience to nothing :) That said, my siblings think I've got a "British" accent. My husband thinks I've got an Indian accent. I think my speech falls somewhere between the two... not as strong an Indian accent as when I was young, perhaps, but certainly nobody is likely to think I'm UK-born.

  2. Shyam - knowing you - your semi-British accent would not be put on! I think living in a place makes you automatically acquire certain nuances of speech and perhaps some trace of accent.

    I have, for instance, Americanized certain words - can't, "after" and so on with the "a" sound and not the "aah" sound. And all the "tory" words - they are "toree" and not "tree".

  3. I agree with you. But what I find even more annoying is women who disguise their grey hair with a weird red color that doesn't occur in nature.