Friday, May 13, 2011

I wonder... many folks:

saw "An Affair to Remember" after seeing "Sleepless in Seattle?"

read "Q & A" after seeing "Slumdog Millionaire?"

made inevitable comparisons between "Stepmom" and "We are Family" and agreed that the kid in "Stepmom" was really cute - but the kid in "We are Family" was equivalent to nails screeching on the blackboard?

used to love listening to "Careless Whispers" and then their kids (who think - trust mom to like a barfy song by such a LOSER) show them this...


  1. And why did you have to share that vid? :( Ok, why did I watch it, too... :D

  2. Shyam - I know...I Know.

    If it is of any comfort to you - my friend R who was so madly, deeply and head-over-heelsly with good old Yogeros - will hunt me down to the ends of the earth and do away with me when she sees I had the audacity to post this:-)

    On another note, never ever defend or explain your music choices to your kids!