Thursday, October 7, 2010

Overheard: Snippets of one-sided cellphone conversations

..and no I was not intentionally eavesdropping.

Man in Smart Navy Suit: "...and I met this guy - Martin Hammon at a conference in Halifax. He was telling me something really incredible..."

Guy in geeky glasses on subway: "...and the front of the card said where do you want to go. And when you open it voila - were the tickets to..."

Girl with streaked hair: "Um! Uh Huh! Okay. Gotcha. Okay. Okay. That sounds fine. Oh! Any time is good for me. Oh! My God! You actually invited Janice and Steven, you know what they did the last time..."

Asian Man with owlish glasses,' Kagaa songa longa na...." [at least that's what it sounded like].

What did you hear today?

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