Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ladies with Lamps

Was going through a book of Ravi Varma's paintings. He was an incredibly talented painter - no doubt about that.

Sometime later I was doing some research on Florence Nightingale and look what I found.

(Images are obviously courtesy Google.)

Sometimes coincidences are not as simple - they can be quite freaky.

One of my best friend's name is Sandy. My cousin called to find out if his little son and wife (also Sandy) who was pregnant at that time had reached our place. She was visiting us en route to India. My cousin couldn't get hold of me at home and had tried the office where he got hold of Sandy (I must have been at a meeting or something). He was naturally worried since he hadn't heard from us and was not sure whether my friend could be trusted to take the message. But Sandy reassured him by telling him her name was also Sandy and that her then spouse's name happened to be the same as that of his son and that Sandy and I were very good friends. All was well. Years later my friend Sandy finally had a little son too - she named him Dhruv. I hardly need tell you that my cousin had named their second son Dhruv too!


  1. Not really that freaky when you consider that the world has a collective conscience.

  2. Ummm... you do have a point there!