Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rajanikanth Revisited

OK - it's hard to grow up in Tamil Nadu and not be exposed to the phenomena that is Rajani! BTW - my uncles used to know him in his Shivaji (Rao Gaekwad) days - just before he became a bus conductor...

Somehow its hard to associate Rajani with this sentimental song... love SPB's rendition. (Yep I am an unabashed SPB fan...)

...what did you think of his "top knot" in this magnificent song from Thalapathi?

...and I will never forget this song - my first ever intro to a classic Rajani film...

...and a long time ago in a land far away we were taken to see this movie as a exeat during a long weekend..


  1. Listened to all the songs at one go. Loved the first one...SPB has a super versatile voice.

  2. Yep - glad you liked the song!