Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cuts and Bruises

I was neatly slicing the mango and thinking gleefully - no wonder I never got it right before coz the knife wasn't sharp enough - and at that very instant get a nasty nick on my finger. Luckily I had held the mango away from the bowl so the blood didn't drip onto my beautifully cut pieces. What can I say - thank God for small mercies?

In India, the husband bought a new "designer" bed for the newly constructed house. Designer as in designed to make your life a living hell if you decide to move the bed, make the bed or attempt to get the bedsheet straight. Now I happen to prefer my bed to be nice and smooth with bedsheet nicely and satisfactorily tucked in neatly in the corners - army precision et al (remnants from Boarding School discipline I guess). With this bed - no Siree - after a nights sleep it looks like a herd of elephants have rolled about in it. Anyway I manfully tug and pull, smoothen and straighten, and in the course of getting one corner to hold so I can do the other - BANGGGG - goes my leg on the designer edge (cutting edge - if I may add). All I have to show for my work is one badly bruised leg with a long cut and one bed that looks like it has just been visited by a mini tornado.

And did I tell you about my Laurel and Hardy routine? I have two towels in the kitchen - one for wiping hands and the other for the pots and pans. They hang demurely on my oven door and surprise, surprise sometimes manage to get color co-ordinated by some karmic coincidence of the weekly wash. Now one fine day, I was busy with grinding idli batter which involved constant use of said towels. Yep, you guessed it no sooner did I hang one towel when the other fell off - rinse and repeat...