Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are you a "Snob"?

A consultant (of a different ethnic origin) - let's call him GJ - joined our team today. (These consultants are rotated around projects in our organization.)

The Manager goes around introducing him to the team and in the process walks up to my desk.

Manager: GJ, meet Anu. Her area of responsibility is blah blah blah.

GJ: Yes, yes I know Anu, I had worked with her when she was a snob.

Manager: Snob??!!!

Me: (Thinking hard - what aspect of my behavior would be perceived as "snobbish"????)

GJ: You know when she joined - she came from XYZ company - I was the one who explained all about ABC project - she was a total snob see.

After a prolonged garbled explanation it turns out that GJ thought the word "snob" meant someone who's had industry experience but has joined a new team or company.

Don't ask - I don't know how he came up with that one!


  1. Haha... Soundss like somewhat of a doofus and by that I DO mean doofus :D not someone with industry experience who joined a new company!

  2. Well we all have misconception(s)about at least one word in our heads.But yeah snob definitely sounds negative how can anyone think it to be what Mr Gj thought!
    Check this out if you want -
    Right Use of Words
    Getting jumbled with words that look similar?

  3. Shammi, Kate, Madeline - thanks for your comments :-)

  4. Man! I'd have loved to see your face then! Couldn't help laughing out loud!

  5. Saumya - Yeah- given that you and I have had first-hand experience of genuine snobs :-)

  6. Anu...please read this blog on snobs:

    1. Saumya - thanks for the link - got a nice laff from that one.

  7. It was eerie to see my initials in this post. But I was relieved to learn that this GJ was a he. I guess what he meant was "newbie." :-)