Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Dad could have been CEO but he's a Janitor Now


He just HAD to see me perform "Twinkle Twinkle" or shoot the incredulously, amazing, terrific, unbelievable goal that won the match for our Little-Guys-Playing-In-The-Neighborhood-Park game just 1 second before the closing bell.

And to get there:

1) Dad gave up the opportunity of a lifetime
2) He ran 20,000 miles in under 6 seconds, swam in shark-infested waters, broke a Dinosaur's neck, was given 10,000 traffic citations and so on
3) He and Mommy almost broke up - but just cause he made it to the concert/game Mommy forgave him and gave up our handsome super rich neighbor next door (stupid woman)
4) Theoretically we are all supposed to live happily ever after - can you imagine doing that on a Janitor's paycheck?

I really wish Hollywood would STOP making movies with this theme. I was just thinking if this were in real-life it would be so much better for the whole family if Dad did grab that opportunity. He would be a happier man and in turn his family would benefit. As for Junior he'd forget all about that silly unimportant concert/game.

Here's the trailer from one such movie...