Monday, July 18, 2011

Last Evening by the Lake...

We go for a walk around a lake near our house. The lake is artificial - created to handle rain water overflow. The path around the lake is about a mile and a half, with beautiful willow trees and a couple of hillocks. I am constantly reminded of one of my favorite books from childhood Enid Blyton's Secret Island.

Last evening the sky was a spectacular song of lilac and pink wisps of clouds, an almost full moon lit up the twilight sky. A lone mother duck was protectively swimming around her little duckling. A lady was walking a mean looking dog (some dogs no matter how "cute" or "cuddly" they may be have this certain nasty look)!

A "Donahue" was flexing his arms and a nordic blond showing off his ugly tattoos with those creepy Gothic sinister looking creatures all over his torso. Ugggh! People I hate tattoos. Especially these kind. Coming back to Donahue - that's a name I assign to overweight balding middle aged men - with ruddy complexions who look like bank managers. (Are you actually asking, "Why?" - then you need to be certified - not me).

Going for a walk there again - hope it will inspire me to write better posts than this :-)


  1. Loved that! Just like my "We Are Like That Only" No... it is not an ego trip... but strangest and funniest things happen when you go for a walk...alone! Great source of inspiration to

  2. A4ISMS - yep! Didn't get to go last night after all. But was watering the garden and it was soooo hot ... a little bird flew down and began drinking from the puddles!

  3. I dont like tattoos either. I can just about tolerate a SMALL one, but people who have ugly tattoos covering their entire skin just make me shudder. I have only one question for them: WHYYYYY?

    Nice little piece about what you saw on your walk - although a bit like one of my school "compositions" :D But hats off, you got a post out of it instead of complaining about lack of inspiration (like I would) :)

  4. Shyam: Before I get too smug congratulate myself - I better come up with a good post.

    Did you see the phot of Kate Middleton shaking hands with a tattooed punk - boy wonder how she managed to look so polite and charming...