Sunday, April 17, 2011

Missing in Action


had been to London to see the queen.

Not really, had been to India.

Have a set of random images in my mind.

The fascinating method in which the construction workers pile the bricks on top of their heads and walk up the steps unaided and without so much as putting a hand to keep the bricks safe...

The tender coconuts - and the expertise with which the vendor lops off the tops...

Watching World Cup on a gigantic screen ... and the ear splitting fireworks at the end...

The gang of hijras (transgender people)who would inevitably accost your auto. They never demand money from the auto drivers but from us hapless passengers!

My brat swatting away at the mosquitoes with the special "insect bat" loaned by my brother-in-law!


  1. That's informative! Thanks for sharing. ;)

  2. Hi Fresh Garden

    Thanks for your comment. Fresh Garden sounds most intriguing!

  3. So normal service will resume now? :) Hope you had a lovely time!

  4. Shyam - Had a great time thanks!
    Will hopefully post regularly - it's the Tamil New year you know -but I didn't make any resolutions!

  5. india trip observations form the best blogs!

  6. Hi Saumya - thanks - more to come... (hopefully!)