Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Comfort Food

Rich, bubbly tomato soup with crunchy toast and an old Shah Rukh blockbuster - a perfect combo to beat dreary winter evenings.


Come Christmas time the stores are flooded with Scottish Shortbread Cookies. I don't like the ones with the granulated sugar sprinkled on top - but will take them when we run out of the plain ones. Sit in front of the blazing fire, with hot cups of tea to dip these delectable cookies into with a game of scrabble or monopoly.


When I was a kid my mom used to make what I consider the best rajma I've ever eaten. The secret apparently is that she didn't really put any special spices into it. I came across this recipe - probably that's the way Mom used to make it. I'll have to check with her. Rajma and hot rotis make for a simple but delicious winter supper.


Last but not the least - our very own erstwhile rasam! I love melagh or pepper rasam - followed by tomato rasam. We don't normally drink rasam like soup but prefer to mix rasam with hot rice and a dollop of ghee. Pure heaven!

(P.S. Is it my imagination or is my waist band getting a bit too snug?)


  1. The only thing I'd change about the first one is the blockbuster. :) No SRK for me, thank you! Or Salman deer-and-people-killer Khan either. I quite like Aamir :)

    Shortbread cookies are deeeeeevine, and my mum-in-law makes the world's best.

    Rajma with jeera rice, my weakness.

    Never liked any rasam - until December 2010, in Boston, when I inexplicably got a craving for rasam-sadam. My mom thought I'd been taken over by aliens :D

  2. Hmmm...I don't like Salman either - Aamir is okay - but I did NOT like "Rang de Basanthi".

    The last part is funny - imagine nto liking rasam and having a craving for it in the most unlikely of all places!

  3. Weird - the rajma craving hit me last week, and in my enthusiasm forgot how much my mother used to soak, and soaked a pound. I am heartily sick of Rajma now - rajma-dosa, rajma-chapati, rajma-parata, rajma-rice and even rajma-idli!

    I wonder when I can tell myself it is okay to waste it!

  4. Ever since I read your post, I cannot bring myself to *think* of Rasam without that dollop of ghee. :)

    And your recipe link for Rajma pointed me to another link....a very delightful food blog! Thank you!