Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quaint Words

Ever since I left India I haven't heard this word. Actually I doubt it's used in everyday conversation coz as far as I know its an ├╝ber polite way of saying "Mister" and a Urdu speaking acquaintance told me that it means "My Lord". However, I do fondly remember the "Arey Huzoor - Wah Taj boliyae!"

I guess this word would appear only in Spelling Bees. It means to abscond or depart suddenly. However, this long winded convoluted word just doesn't give that impression does it?

Would you say to someone - "Now describe your quotidian routine?" -Ah! I thought not. This one apparently means "Of or occurring every day; daily."

Now prepare to read this sentence and gag... (don't say you weren't warned!)

"Arey Huzoor - why do you absquatulate at 3 on a quotidian basis?"

Now for the last one:

This one means emerald in Tamil. For the longest time ever we just referred to a friend of my mom's as "aunty". Then we found out her name was Maragatham and compared to the Saroja, Puspha, Gayatri and even Thangam (meaning gold) - the Maragatham stood out as something unusual.

What quaint words did you come across today?

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