Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Katy Didn't that Little Women Did

I wonder why the "Little Women" series far outstripped "What Katy Did" in popularity. Perhaps it's because although the high-spirited Katy plans to become someone famous and do something meaningful she ends up being a demure damsel who is the "heart of the house". Or maybe her spinal injury theme was too similar to "Pollyanna"? "Little Women" on the other hand has the various characters overcome their many weaknesses who also in the process strengthen their character.

I saw "What Katy Did" it was simply abominable. One thing about it though it was set in Saskatchewan, Canada and the scenery is amazing. I saw the Winona Ryder version of "Little Women" too. Nothing pleasing about it.

Personally I prefer the Katy series - "What Katy Did at School" and "What Katy Did Next" - are really well written. Then there is "Clover" and "In the High Valley" - set in Colorado. They are not bad either.

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