Sunday, February 28, 2010

Poeme and Eluard

Lancome's perfume "Poeme" had a beautiful TV commercial when it was first released - sometime in 1995 - I think.

The vivacious Juliette Binoche (of "Chocolate" fame) certainly lived up to the words of Eluard's poem. While the actual phrases --- {that go something like "J'taime - you are like the sea; your eyes are like stars; you are the burning sun that rushes into my head" } from the original commercial elude me... I disctinctly remember the part about the "burning sun" and recently I came across the poem below...

That's not all thanks to Youtube I found the commercial - though it's in French - isn't it beautiful?

"I love you for all the women I have not known
I love you for all the times in which I have not lived
For the scent of wide open spaces and the smell of hot bread
For the melting snow and for the first flowers
For the innocent animals which have not been frightened by man
I love you to love
I love you for all the women I do not love
Who reflects me if not you yourself - I see myself so little
Without you I see nothing but an empty expanse
Between those other times and today
There have been all those deaths that I have crossed on straw
I have not been able to break through the wall of my mirror
I have had to learn life word by word
How one forgets
I love you for your wisdom, which is not mine
For health
I love you against everything which is only illusion
For that immortal heart over which I have no power
You think that you are doubt but you are just reason
You are the powerful sun that rushes to my head
When I am sure of myself."

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